IAC Programs

Benevolence Program
The IAC benevolence program supports medical needs of minors 18 years and younger with type 1 diabetes. Families in need may apply to request medical supplies or assistance with prescription drugs. IAC will provide assistance for a period of 1-6 months per applicant accepted in the program

Family Camp
Family is the first institution that God created with man, and we believe that the family is the support system to a healthy life. The camp will educate, train, and rejuvenate every family member that is a support to those with diabetes. This camp allows children with diabetes to maximize their experience at summer camp with the reassurance of family support, counselors, and medical staff who are there to support them.

If you have a loved one affected by type 1 diabetes, then these resources are for you. We have compiled the best list of websites, books, clinics, and doctors so that you can find good help quickly.